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Re: AudiCar on The Move

Paul Royal wrote:
>While perusing the back page of AutoWeek, I spied an ad for the
>website.   Seems like they're really getting it together.   No
personal interest,
>just interested.

Thanks Paul for your kind words. We are doing our best to get it
together but are finding that its hard to get people to work for
free! Our Sept. issue is looking pretty thin right now (thinner than
planned). At least we got our registry up and the classifieds are
coming next.  Looks to me that we will change our first page and go
to a more traditional web format with updates to our front page as we
receive contributions. The monthly format may be too difficult to
maintain without an established set of paid contributors. So our
first page will hopefully turn into a what's new page and updated as
we go along. The main menu will turn into our site index so to speak.
I will be going to Germany shortly and will catch the tail end of the
Frankfurt auto show.  We hope to get S4 pictures from the very first
day of the show from a buddy of mine in Germany. I will wrap up with
full coverage toward the tail end of the show. 

As always, we are looking for help with articles and so forth. Some
of you already are working on projects for us.  Tom Haapanen has got
our racing news up. Thanks Tom. I think the Frankfurt Autoshow will
launch our Audi News section. We have to crawl before we can run and
rest assured we are doing our best yet still trying to maintain a
semblance of a personal life!  

Check out the site again on Sept 1st.   I just got my pictures back
from my Bondurant School Adventure in Phoenix and my visit with Jeff
Goggin and his beautiful red UrQ.  I will have bits on both of these
experiences in our next issue. 

Ricardo David
managing editor