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Re: Water leaks (wet driver foot well)

At 01:16 PM 8/22/97 -0500, Leah and David Mueller wrote:
>Mark, if cleaning out the suggested areas does not help, what about your
>windshield seal? Every had your windshield replaced? We did on an VW Fox,
>and we had a leak like you describe. After much searching it turned out to
>be to be a poorly sealed windshield.

Well, I bought the car used (came off a 3 year lease), so I don't know if
the windshield was ever replaced or not. 'Spose I could look at the
markings on the glass to find out...  Anyway, resealing the windshield is
the most "destructive" thing I might do (and not free, necessarily), so I'm
inclined to investigate all the drains and such that could be clogged, etc,

But, good suggestion nonetheless. :-)

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