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Re: Murphy's Law...lack of cab's!

In a message dated 97-08-22 13:02:57 EDT, you write:

<< d can get a photo of it!), I'll let everyone know.  BTW, I also saw three
 -- count 'em, three -- Audi Cabriolets on the way to work as well ... when
 Ricardo David was in town a couple of weeks ago, we saw three of them on the
 road in the span of 30 minutes and three more on the lot at the dealer.  He
 said he'd never even seen one in person before ... are they really all that
 rare elsewhere?

On this note, a couple of questions...

Anyone on the list have a cabriolet?  Anyone in QCUSA have a cabriolet?  Any
point to owning a cabriolet?  I've seen one in RI.  One.   And it was in a
showroom.  And there are a lot of converts in NE, for some reason.  Also, I
am apparently one of 2 QCUSA members from RI.  Anyone know the other?

Carter J