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Audi Fog light relay and wiring

I sorry but I am an electrical idiot.  I am getting ready to hook up  the fog
lights on my '84 Ur-q.  I have the relay in my hand (PN 0 332 014 150)and I
would like to know what each terminal is for.  Looking at the diagram on the
side of the relay I would have to guess that Ter. 87 (both of them) are
grounds?  Ter. 30 would seem to be for the switch? and either 85 or 86 goes
to a power source and then the other goes to the lights. I also looked at a
swithch for a '83 5000S and there seems to be 4 terminals on that, I would
imagin  that the switch for the Ur-q is simular but I would think that it
wight have two more terminals for the rear fog light. Now that I have
confused everybody any help would be great.


PS. Anybody put a rear fog light in there U.S. Spec Ur-q?