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Re: Wierd brake pedal, A5KCSTQ

>I have an OTC 'Mityvac' hand vacuum pump with a brake bleeding device.  It's 
>basically the reservoir of a spraygun in reverse.
>Can this be used in place of a pressure bleeder?  In theory, the potentials 
>across the system are the same if I lower pressure one end or raise it the 

I too have a Mityvac POS (that stands for Piece of Shit, BTW) and have found
that it doesn't work very well at all for bleeding brakes on anything that
uses Girling calipers.  The problem is that the plastic cap leaks air at the
bleeder so you can't pull much vacuum with it.  Perhaps it works better with
other calipers...

I finally made up a poor-man's pressure bleeder using an old MC cap and
Schraeder valve and it works very well indeed ... by attaching the hose to a
blowgun instead of directly to the compressor, you can control when it's
pressurized and when it's not, which makes it easier to work with while
underneath the car.  I also use a very low pressure -- 4 to 6 psi -- so as
not to blow any seals.  Yes, it may take longer but when it comes to brake
work, I'm in no hurry...

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