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4K questions (popular subject lately!)

Hey listers,

     Well I have a few questions actually...  This is an 86 4KCSQ, recently
the clutch pedal stopped coming back up to it's normal position when released
and now has to be pulled up manually after each shift.  Is this the simple
(or not, never done it) operation of replacing the return spring as indicated
by the bentley?  Or is something more difficult, and costly, in order?  Also
whenever the fan kicks in there is the most annoying noise coming from it.  A
very noticeable high pitched buzz, does anyone else think that this is a
bearing in the fan motor?  I checked to see if the fan was hitting the shroud
but that is not the case.  Also when i turn the fan with engine off you can
feel a point where it gets a little more resisitent to turn, this is why I
think it's a bearing...  Just wanted a little confirmation, has anyone had
experience with replacing the fan motor?  How hard and what did it cost you?
 Please send me a copy of your reply as well as the list.  TIA!

Rob Hill (college student desperately searching for reasons to keep his