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Re: 89 100 Wagon Alternator fix details

John C. wrote:
> Scott M. wrote:
> >
> > I would never had thought in my wildest dreams, that Audi
> > would have spliced the main battery cable on its way to the
> > starter, but now this information will be very helpful
> > trouble-shooting other charging/starting problems on the
> > Audi 5000/200 vehicles. Having seen many alternators,
> > starters, and batteries replaced at other shops over the
> > years for no reason other than a bad ground cable, makes
> > you think twice and make sure that the problem is not
> > related to resistance in the positive or negative battery
> > cable .
> >
> Does anyone know whether the Urq'a have a splice?
> John C.
 Yes they do have a splice up in the passengers footwell. But I've never
seen a failure there. usually the UrQ's have a bad connection at the
starter. Or the wire goes bad.