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Re: New participant looking for the all knowing V8Q guru!!

At 04:30 PM 8/21/97 -0400, you wrote:
>Hello all,
>	I'm a new (to me) 90 V8Q owner with 106K miles and would like to
>solicite any V8Q war stories and helpful hints in general vehicle
>preservation. Looking to get 250k out of her. 
>Car History; 
>Since the Timing belt was changed at 60K 
>Car has been running on Mobil 1 changed every 7500 miles. 
>New H&R spring and KONI shocks all around (adjustable in front). 
>Stock wheels and new Goodyear GAs all around. I am looking for one wheel
>(misjudge the arc and hit a curb a little). 
>I know another timing belt (& H20 pump) are due at 120k
>Tranny and brake fluids are probably next..
>Did I miss anything major? Where are the best parts found for reasonable
>Little after market goodies.. floor matts etc..
>Thanks All 
At this mileage, 106k, a few things may go out on you.  Our V8 has just hit
110k miles and in the last year the following have failed:

1) brake pressure accumulator.  A bit expensive at parts costing $200+
dollars, but unlike the 5k cars, it is a MUST if you want to stop.

2) high pressure power steering hose.  Almost $200 at the dealer (dealer
only part) but easy to change and I could rebuild your hose, if it leaks,
for far less.

3) front & rear struts and brake pads (you've solved this already).

4) air recirculation door spring/retaining arm breaking.  I haven't fixed
this yet.

5) thermostat sticking closed.  $18 part.

6) passenger window switch connections failed (not the switch itself).

7) rear right window regulator dead.  I haven't fixed this yet.

8) Leaking AT transmission hose.  I haven't fixed this yet, but will soon as
it smokes!

9) headlight washer hoses cracked.

Otherwise, it has been a real joy to own and drive.  Of course, it had it's
transmission replaced before we bought it.  We bought the AT dipstick from
the dealer.  That transmission is very sensitive to fluid level.  Both too
full and too empty is bad.

Good luck.  With the proper maintenance, it should be a great car for you.


John Karasaki

Audi Quattro Fanatic