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Re: Poor-man's pressure bleeder

> 1. How did you get rid of the electrical level sensor in the middle (to
> attach the valve)?

I didn't ... I salvaged mine from either an early 4k or a BMW 530i, I forget
which, and there was no electrical sensor to remove.  
> 2. Since psi is so low, can't you pressurize the thing with a bicycle
> pump?

Sure, but you'll have to keep pumping it, which is a pain.  Gunnison makes a
kit that allows you to use a spare tire as an air source but since I already
have an air compressor -- best money I ever spent since I started working on
cars, btw -- I didn't need to pursue any other alternatives.

> 3. How many calipers can you bleed before you must refill the resevoir?

When I'm working on one of MY cars, I usually pull (push?) a full bottle of
brake fluid through for each caliper.  As such, I usualy have to refill the
MC twice ... on the other hand, if I'm working on somebody else's car, I'll
usually just pull enough fluid for it to run clear, which means I only have
to refill the MC for every other caliper.  Mind you, this is done ONLY with
cars that I know for sure will NEVER spend any time on a track or autocross
course (such as those belonging to my girlfriend, sister and/or parents).

One other tip: The day before you bleed your brakes, crawl under the car and
spray the bleeders with penetrating oil.  Even here in Arizona, they tend to
rust, seize and then break off...  :^(

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