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Now I know why I drive an Audi!

My CQ's handling has been a little squirrelly lately. I had attributed
it to my extreme need for front strut bearings, but it has been getting
a bit much, dontchaknow. Every time I use the brakes, it is, um,
*interesting*. Well, I put the front up on jackstands today to have a
look, and as I was lowering it onto the jackstand under the back of the
front subframe, the subframe moved up toward the unitbody. Hmmmm, says
I, the ever observant one. I ran it back up on the jack, and felt around
the subframe bushing. There seemed to be a space between the bushing and
the body. Sheesh, Audi engineering excellence extends to using air as an
NVH insulator? The mounting bolt was loose, and had backed off about
1/2". Hmmmm, again. Let's have a look at the front bolt. What front
bolt? Damn thing had decided Miami would be nicer this time of year.
Shows how little *it* knows.

My CQ had been going along with the front subframe held on by the two
driver's side bolts, with the two passenger side ones either so loose as
to be decorative, or missing altogether. Damn thing worked, albeit in a
rather *dicey* fashion. I'm certain had I been driving any other marque,
I wouldn't, rather I'd be walking, or staring at the ceiling of a nice
expensive hospital room.

Torque wrench and Bentley got me back as close to appropriate as a
Saturday would allow, Linda at Carlsen and FedEx overnight will do the

Long live Audi, particularly my CQ!

-Ian Duff.