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Re: quick oil question

Harley Cascio wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> I have a quickie, and I know the typical responses to this question, but
> I'm wondering if there is anything special I should know about Audis.  I
> need an oil change and want to shitch to synthetic.  It's a 5000QT that
> just turned 110,000 (please no teasing, I'm driving it as much as I can).
> Is there anything I should know about the 5 cylinder and synthetic oil?
> Should I change it again in a thousand miles to get rid of built up debris?
>  Or anything else....
> thanks.
> Harley

I contacted my brother, who works for Mobil Oil (Industrial Lub Div) and
his response was:
	Syn oils are highly detergent, ergo they act like an engine
        flush on first use.  If the engine is tight, that's no
problemo. 	If however you suspect or know of problems, you ain't seen 
        nothing yet i.e. you'll be mopping up the garage floor.
	Case in point, other brother with a BMW 633csi.  The first oil
	change with Mobil One and 2 weeks later he was at the local 
	Bimmer dealer with oil leaks galore.  
	Cost to repair $1,200.00US (and you thought we had it bad).

If the engine is in good shape, do it, if you suspect a problem or poor
maintenance, DO NOT!.
MJ Murphy
89 100 - resting at mechanic til Monday.
86 4kq - hopefully healing itself (I played NY Lotto tonite 10Mil).
200+ YO house - anybody interested in yet another hole into which
you 	        pour money ???
PS.  When I was part owner in an Endeavour 42 sail boat, one of the     
partners, when queried why we own the boat said, 
     "You can live on the boat but you can't sail your house."