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which 5k or 2E2 tq to buy??? Opinions please

Guten Abend,

'87 4000 quattro good points:
Cheap, reliable
Sporty, cleans up at H-stock auto-x

'87 4000 quattro weak points:
26 MPG highway mileage (75 MPH)
teeny weeny trunk
passing sucks
uphills suck
onramps suck
passed by an Aerostar headed east up Rabbit Ears Pass

Rather than deal with putting a turbo into a car that's still a brick
and small, I'd prefer to just get a big car mit kompressor. Which year,
IYO, and why? It seems lotsa folks have '87s. What kind of Hp can I get
(assume '87 5ktq) for $500 in exhaust/box upgrades? $1000 in
exhaust/box/fan upgrades?


PS If you make/sell goodies for this (Scott J, Orin, Scott M, etc)
stuff, let me know!