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Re: quick oil question V8 owners take note

In a message dated 97-08-24 00:02:00 EDT, you write:

<< > I have a quickie, and I know the typical responses to this question, but
 > I'm wondering if there is anything special I should know about Audis.  I
 > need an oil change and want to shitch to synthetic.  It's a 5000QT that
 > just turned 110,000 (please no teasing, I'm driving it as much as I can).
 > Is there anything I should know about the 5 cylinder and synthetic oil?
 I would suggest, if you're starting from an unknown position, that you drain

 and replace the old filter and refill with cheap synthetic once - then drain

 and fit a new filter with branded (for preference Mobil 1) synthetic perhaps
 couple of hundred miles later. 
 The reason is that a lot of oil stays in the oil cooler and lifters during a

 change.  A 'preliminary' change will flush a fair amount of this stuff out/
 And if you take this level of care - there _IS_ no mileage limit.

I was thinking about doing this with my V8.  Any idea how long synthetic can
go without being changed.  I don't think it's worth it to spend $4.00 a quart
for Mobil 1 X 10.0 quarts + $23 for oil filter if I'll still have to o it
every 5000 miles.  Any suggestions, or brands of synthetic I should get.  I
was planning on filling it with Partial synthetic this time, and then
switching to full.


PS the spark plugs in the V8 needed changed, but store was out of Bosche so I
got some American brand crap.  I'll order a set of Nippondeso Monday.  But I
had to take off the air filter cover, so after I decided to dive it with the
air box off (Only crucify me if you know what the air filter is like in the
V8.)  The car drove great.  Lots more Umph off the line, and I don't see any
trouble with it the air filter just sits there, no restriction.  I left the
air intake tubes on each side to hopefully bring more air in.   Cool air.
 Works great although it does sound a little louder (better)  I have  K&N
that fits snug, so I'm not worried about it coming off.  Some V8 owners may
want to try this, or let me know if its too dangerous.

'86 5000S
'87 944s