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Re: 30V A4 Test drive

This is not what we (dignified AUDI owners) want to hear..  We want the
joys and fufilment of the car you already have.  One day we'll all be able
to own a mew AUDI to have next to the origional, but till then, enough!!

At 06:45 PM 8/23/97 -0700, Mark Nelson wrote:
>So it goes like this, I was having my Cherokee detailed down the street
>from the Audi dealer.  I had an hour and a half until it was finished,
>so I figured eh, why not go and see what the dealer's got in stock.  Of
>course their stock was only filled with Quattros, which consisted of
>about six A6Q's and A6QW's, and at least a dozen A4Q's (all 30V'ers),
>but none with the 'Sport package' =(.  Anyway, I'd talked with this
>sales guy several times before, but I had kind of resisted test driving
>an A4, due to the fact that I wanted to remain happy with my 5ktq or 4kq
>(depending what time frame it was).
>So anyway, he convinces me to go out and try one of the A4 30v jobbers
>they got in.  He gives me the keys for a silver/gray one equipped with
>the 5-speed and sport steering wheel.  I take off for a quick joy ride,
>and I think before I left the parking lot, I had already started
>drueling ;-).  Anyway, I basically found the car very comfortable to
>drive and VERY quiet inside.
>Some things I liked about the car were : (1) obviously less noise. (2)
>very nice handling...handled much better than my 5ktq ever could have
>hoped for, and better than the 4kq.  The pickup with this engine was
>better than I had hoped for.  I was expecting response very similar to a
>CQ...but this car ended up having better power than my 5ktq did.
>Anyway, I knew I obviously wasn't going to buy anything, and made sure
>the salesman knew that, but it was nice to try something a little
>different.  I've been thinking out how logical it would be for me to buy
>an A4, but my thinking just doesn't allow it.  I could go buy an older
>S4 (let alone a '91 200q), do some mods to the engine, and still be in
>it less than the new A4.  The three pluses I see to the A4 are:
>(1) 	It's New!!  Although, I'm not inclined to buy a new car because
>of the hit I'd take when I drive it off the lot.
>(2) 	The Warranty is a *very* nice feature.  Just can't do as well
>with an older car, although I know that there are very few problems with
>the S4's.
>(3) 	Simply is a really nice car all around.
>Anyway, unless something happens to benefit me financially in a VERY big
>way, I know I won't be buying one.  I'd still rather spend the money on
>my rally car and a hot rod 4kq street car =).  Still, it was nice to try
>the car and see what all the hub bub's about...just happy that my sense
>of restraint still works relatively well =)
>-Mark Nelson
>"This Page Intentionally Left Blank" - Robert Bentley