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re: loose & missing subframe bolts coupe quattro

<<Date: Sat, 23 Aug 1997 20:48:20 -0400

From: "Duff, Ian" <IDuff@charter.com>

Subject: Now I know why I drive an Audi!>>

<<My CQ had been going along with the front subframe held on by the two

driver's side bolts, with the two passenger side ones either so loose as

to be decorative, or missing altogether. Damn thing worked, albeit in a

rather *dicey* fashion. I'm certain had I been driving any other marque,

I wouldn't, rather I'd be walking, or staring at the ceiling of a nice

expensive hospital room.

Torque wrench and Bentley got me back as close to appropriate as a

Saturday would allow, Linda at Carlsen and FedEx overnight will do the


Long live Audi, particularly my CQ!

- -Ian Duff.>>

I would strongly recommend that you remove the two bolts that had remained
and examine them closely, or replace them as well.  You subjected them to a
lot of torque and vibration, and may have weakened them.  If you have ever
had those bolts out before, you may have gotten cavity wax on them, which may
cause a repeat of your problem.  HTH
Chris Miller
'91 200q
Windham, NH