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Apple Hill 8/23 Divisional Sprints

Hi All,

What a great place to watch folks in Pro Rally cars dash about the
fields and woods of Apple Hill. There where about 10 cars starting with
5 finishing.

The Audi Quattros where awesome. Powersliding through the turns or just
ontrack powering through the course they were spot on.

This is one of the best places to spectate and photograph PRo Rally
Teams doing there stuff (The Stuffing of cars was not the cause of the
DNFs but mechanicals where). Also to learn about Marshalling, Safety,
Starting and Finishing for working at Pro Rally events this is a great
place to be.

One of the most outstanding feature was the Lunch and Dinner (Pro Rally
workers think with there stomachs 'cause most time we forget to bring
victuals out with us to the Stations we work on our Stages).

So if you see any posts about events happening at Apple Hill, NY GO and
expect to have Fun. 

Take care,

Bob W.
NEQ http://www.netaxis.com/~zcritter/director.html

PS. They always need folks to help with between event course