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Re: '87 Quantum wagon

Jim Griffin wrote:

> Dreux,
> Nice web site!! Awesome indeed!! Glad to see some info on the Quantum
> wagon... especially since I will be buying one soon (an '87 wagon).
> I have a question (well, actually several questions).
> Isn't the AWD system in these the same as the Audi 4000 quattro?
> It has the same drivetrain, and has the same center and rear diff
> locks
> (or at least the '87 that I will be buying does... I'm not sure about
> other years... oh and BTW, how many years did they build these?).
> I currently have a '92 Audi 100s (non-quattro), and am looking forward
> to getting the '87 Quantum (as a second car).
> If you don't mind, could you please fill me in on what you know about
> the '87 Quantum? (Is the suspension the same? Are parts
> interchangeable
> with the Audi 4000? Are parts hard to get? Is the '87 Quantum more of
> an
> Audi than a VW? ETC...)
> Thanks in advance... much appreciated.

 Jim, thanks for the compliment!  The Quantum Syncro Wagon was from LATE
'85 to '88.  Anyways, the parts are very hard to get and expensive
because a lot of the parts are VW yet almost the same as Audi.  There
are a lot of interchangable Audi/VW parts though.  The system is pretty
much the same.  I'm not a mechanic, just a hobbiest, but am learning as
i go with this one!  I've heard that the 4000Q suspension is very close
to the QSW's.  You'd have to put them up against each other and see what
fits.  I would love to know if anyone knows about any suspension or
engine mods available myself.
                        C'ya, Dreux


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