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RE: 30V A4 Test drive

Ahh, don't take my word for it.  Try the car and make your own thoughts
and observations.  I liked the car VERY much, but buying one just
doesn't suit m lifestyle at this point in time.  I'm VERY happy with the
cars I currently have and had.



	From:  Harley Cascio[SMTP:harley@Radix.Net]
	Sent:  Saturday, August 23, 1997 10:55 PM
	To:  Mark Nelson; Quattro List
	Subject:  Re: 30V A4 Test drive

	This is not what we (dignified AUDI owners) want to hear..  We
want the
	joys and fufilment of the car you already have.  One day we'll
all be able
	to own a mew AUDI to have next to the origional, but till then,