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Coupe/4k Guys Please Read Me!

Hear ye, hear ye, big parts bazaar...

Parts FS, from 85 CGT, located Toms River NJ  (2 hrs south NYC, 1.5 hour
East Phila, 3.5 hours North of DC)

A) !!!The following parts are OFF the car and can be shipped to you
within 3-4 weeks!!!

B) Condition is in parens at end of description (#1).

C)  ***Also, Allan Jones--you had requested some parts first, let me
know if you are still interested!!***


1) Dashboard (in very good condition!) & Instrument Cluster (odometer
broken?).    Only problems-- speaker grills are history and glove box
lock--plastic catch snapped off.    (overall in about #2 condition
vinyl still nice and soft!  No cracks.  Cleaned up nicely.)

2) Center console & Center console gauges (#2-#3)

3) Shifter boot (#3)

4) Driver side door panel (may be taken--I foget who wanted 'em!!  Email
me please!).  Grey vinyl, black trim.  But pockets are in rough shape
(no shock there!)  (#3)   Pass. side can be off soon too, (ran out of

5) Various interior trim pieces--ashtrays, sunroof handle, and the like
(much is in #1 or #2 condition  Let me know what you are looking for.)


The follwing parts are still _IN_ or _ON_ the car.  Take a little
longer, unless you want to come yourself and do it!  Can work out a
weekend time.

Rear seats in pretty good condition.  Grey vinyl.   (#2)

Electric side-view mirrors.  (#4 -so so)

Most body panels rough/unusable, but let me know if you are in need, and
I'll take a closer look.  If I recall, deck lid is pretty good, door
skins actually not too bad.   Car is silver.

No glass worth salvaging.  Seats shot.  Motor--I'll be taking much off
it, but ask.

PLEASE!!  If you want a response, I will need you to put "I WANT COUPE
PARTS!" in the subject line.  As it is, I am getting a bazillion emails
a day, maybe two bazillion, and need to find you quickly!  Thanks!

Jonathan Monetti
86 CGT 92k