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Re: 4000q erratic cold Idle

Todd Phenneger wrote:
> OK,
>         One last question.  My 4000q Idles bad when it is cold.  I know I have a slight vaccume leak but even with that fixed it still does it.  When I first start it it varies between 1800 RPM and about 400 RPM.  What gives.   Also, that big, short vacuum hose next to the intake manifold keeps colapsing.  IS that normal.  I borrowed one off of another Audi and it did it too.  Are all these problems inter-related.  I think they are.  On Hot days it even dies when I stop at a stop sign sometimes.
>                 Todd Phenneger
>                 84' 4000q
sounds like an idle stabilizer to me. with key on engine off it should
be buzzing to the touch.It is normal for it to buzz on and off.