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Re: Bentley Manuals - how to get them

On Sat, 23 Aug 1997 15:47:04 -0400, you wrote:

>Or call Parts Place Inc., 810-373-5950.  On page V-12 of their catalog are
>VW and Audi manuals.  Model   Years   Prices:
>80-90       88-91    99.95
>80-90 Electronic      88-91    69.95


Are these 2 cover mechanics and electrics separately? I've just found
Bentley site at http://www.rb.com/catalog/ and it has manual for Audi
80,90 coupe quattro manuals including electical troubleshooting guide
priced at $144.95 (1861 pages). I wonder if above mentioned two are
the same thing. 
Do you (or anybody else on the list) know if there's a place to get
Bentley at cheaper price? Bentley site allows you to order via WWW and
pay by cc, which is very useful for me as I'm in Russia. Does anybody
have 1988-1992 Audi 80 manual (including electrical)for sale by any
chance? I can pay either by Visa or bu UK bank cheque.

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