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Re: Bentley Manuals - how to get them

> René,
> Are these 2 cover mechanics and electrics separately? I've just found
> Bentley site at http://www.rb.com/catalog/ and it has manual for Audi
> 80,90 coupe quattro manuals including electical troubleshooting guide
> priced at $144.95 (1861 pages). I wonder if above mentioned two are
> the same thing.
> Do you (or anybody else on the list) know if there's a place to get
> Bentley at cheaper price? Bentley site allows you to order via WWW and
> pay by cc, which is very useful for me as I'm in Russia. Does anybody
> have 1988-1992 Audi 80 manual (including electrical)for sale by any
> chance? I can pay either by Visa or bu UK bank cheque.
> GG
> George Gerasimov
> gg@aha.ru
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> gg_@msn.com
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Hey George, your best bet would be to put want ads in the vw newsgroups,
and maybe even the audi newsgroup(even though it's mostly a sex
newsgroup now).  My Quantum Bentley is worth $130 at the dealer, and
that's if they can get ahold of one.  Turns out I found one in the
newsgroup from a guy two towns away from me and I bought it for $40!
The Bentley is the Bible.  It has everything from wiring scamatics to
changing lifters, to changing the light bulbs in the instrument cluster.

                        Later, Dreux


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