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Re: Left foot braking

On Fri, 22 Aug 1997 18:10:46 +0100, Graham Thackrah wrote:

>If you look at my post of 11-08-97 (thats the 11th of august in case of
>confusion with date styles) titled "Lets play with power sliding through
>corners (v. long)" there is a bit about left foot braking in general and
>briefly how it applies to quattro turbos. The book mentioned is 
>Sports Car and Competition Driving by Paul Frere, ISBN 1-85260-438-7.

Sorry I'd missed your original post. Now that I've read it, I at least have
a clue about the theory. Still having a hard time visualizing the maneuver.
I suppose, as you say, it's a matter of having a little expert coaching.

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