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Closure: water leak, AC hot/cold, seat heater switch

There's nothing like a) fixing something yourself (for free) and b) having
something fixed under warranty (also for free).

First, thanks to everyone that responded to my postings in the last few
weeks. Your suggestions were great and right on the money.

I tracked down my water leak problem to be the hood release cable gromet.
My alarm installer poked a wire up through it, although that may not
necessarily have been the source of the leak because the gromet looked a
bit dry around the edges where it meets metal. Anyway, I siliconed it but
good and it looks like it did the trick.

The dealer replaced the passenger side seat heater switch, under warranty.
The best part, IMHO, is not only did they say it was broken, but they
actually had the part in stock to fix it! I can't tell you how many times
(at another dealer with another car) I've been told "The mumblefratz is
broken. We ordered the part." forcing me to come back again and kill my day.

I had them check all the AC components (as suggested here). They all
checked out fine.  The service reps first idea was that it could be the
climate control unit. If its covered under warranty, great. If not, then
I'll suffer I guess...

Finally, they washed my car! :-) That's what's called a "customer
delighter." I've only heard about that happening for people at Honda and
Toyota dealers.

Color me happy today. :-)

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