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85 ur-q in SF

Last Wednesday, Michael Williams posted that he saw an 85 ur-q for sale
in San Francisco. I have also seen the car and agreed that it is a bit
rough on the outside, no major body damage though.I did have a chance to
talk to the owner, a younger guy from New Zeland, I believe. I was
sitting at a gas station waiting for a locksmith to come and get my keys
out of the trunk of my 2002 (slick move), and the car pulled in. i
talked to him for a while, and he claims that the car has around 100k on
the clock, with about 10k on a total engine and systems rebuild. He is
selling it because he bought an 911, and doesn't want to put any more $$
into the Audi. It sounded very tight and solid and looked awesome
despite the need for paint and other things. He wants to get around $10k
for the car. His name is James and his number is 415-564-5500. Hope
somebody on the list buys it!

Tom Epley
72 2002
97 A41.8tqm