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Re: Syncro webpage -Reply

Derek Daily wrote:

> Hey Dreux & others,
> Glad you posted here (QList), I picked up on your Syncro on
> concentric by mistake once, but had lost the address shortly after.
> (1)  Syncro List?  My personal opinion is NO (Not Yet).  Now that you
> are posting to the Q=list there are probably 6 of us Syncro owners
> lurking on the list. (Renn, Dreux, Unka Bart, Mark Hurston, Thompson,
>  Myself + Anne Marie - Passat G60 Syncro owner from the Passat Group).
>  The Q-list has ~1000-2000k rotating members.  Most technical issues
> are so closely related to the 4csq that our odds for getting help on
> these issues are rather good.
> (2)  I'm very excited to see more Syncro people on this list, AND am
> very enthusiastic to speak with fellow owners.  I've been trying to
> maintain Syncro related posts since lurking on the Qlist (~2 years)
> and attempt to bring in more VW Syncro people.  HOWEVER, a few of us
> VW people have started posting more often just recently.  We have to
> remember that this is a forum for Audis (quattros in majority) &
> related vehicles (either by parts or history,etc).  We're lucky to
> fit in here, but we need to take up LESS posting space among
> ourselves on the main list IMO.  I believe we should post questions
> and responses "internally" to all 6 of us to see if answers can be
> provided there....then if unavailable can turn to the Qlist.  Kind of
> a list within a list.   Suggestions?
> (3)  Then again, if we ever decide to make a window sticker for the
> "Quan-ttro" group we'll have less red-tape to deal with ;-)
> Derek Daily aka SqurlyD
> 86 VW Quantum Syncro
> San Mateo, CA USA
> P.S. While typing this up I kind-of made up a makeshift group anyway,
> so e-mail direct to me for details.

 Derek, I know what your sayingabout getting more help in the quattro
list, but the syncro list can be our internal group.  I don't know how
you get your mail, but I filter it to folders.  Just make a syncro
folder and the syncro stuff will go there and then we can ask the
quattro guys as well if we have problems.  I bet a few of them will sign
on to the list just out of interest, not because they own one.  Talk to
you later


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