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Need Help Fast!!

Anybody BTDT with a 1986 A5kCST ignition switch that won't crank the
starter motor? Everything works as it should until I turn the key in the
start position and then nothing. No clicks, no nothing. 

This is an intermittent and apparently random problem as sometimes I get
in the car and it starts right up. For a while now I've had to put
slight upward pressure on the key to get it to work but it would always
start. More and more it has become resistant. Now it won't engage at
all. Battery is new, starter been replaced and works fine hot or cold. 

I think it may be an electrical connection in the switch itself, or a
safety interlock switch somewhere....maybe the trans switch for Park???
Any ideas?

Thank you very much. Car is sitting in an area that is not safe and may
be towed. Any help is appreciated.