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Re: urq 85

<< In a message dated 97-08-22 20:10:56 EDT, someone wrote:
 << Full Black Recaro Leather Interior. >>
< And, in a message dated 97-08-24 16:19:45 EDT, Kwattro@aol.com opined:

< I know this sounds dumb, but most european cars had and still have recaro
< seats.  I wouldn't consider this a super option, considering the only other
< interior available was full cloth recaro interior.  Oh well, just my
< thinkings...
Indeed, it does sound dumb.  Keiper Recaro was certainly too small a firm to
supply "most European cars" with their fine seats. If Recaro had half the
market share falsely attributed to them, they probably wouldn't have had to
sell off major chunks of the firm to a mega-manufacturer of seats from the
U.S. (Leaving Recaro GmbH to carry on, on a much smaller scale)