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What is a UR-Q?

In message <199708260215.WAA87108@osage.gate.net> brazil@gate.net writes:

> Phil Payne from the UK answered this question some days ago, and I hope he
> does it again.  He seems to be extremely knowleadgeable about the subject.

I've got one, if that's what you mean.  And I'm a great deal more knowledgeable 
about the rear left brake caliper than I was yesterday morning.

> > ps. I hate to say this, but an 850 Turbo driver is likely to see a lot of
> > (un-modified) Quattros in the rear view mirror.

He probably never _has_ see an ur-quattro, then.  The reason I carry 540 watts 
of light on the front of the car is to deal with sleepy ovloV drivers, and the 
850s are now the worst.  It used to be the 760s.

To be fair, I should repeat an observation of a few months ago.  As ovloVs 
drift downmarket and their original yuppy owners move on, the standard of ovloV 
driving (especially older cars) is improving markedly.  The problems now are 
with increasing numbers of suburban assault vehicles.
As Jeremy Clarkson pointed out in a hilarious piece in the Sunday Times 
yesterday, the only time these 4WDs go off-road is to park on the sidewalk.

 Phil Payne
 Committee Member, UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club