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RE: Bentley Manuals - how to get them

Jim wrote:

	>Only buy Bentley manuals in the UK if you are seriously rich. I
think that the 
	>places that sell the Bentley take the USD price, remove the $
sign and replace 
	>it with GBP.
	>For instance, the 80, 90 and Coupe q 88-91 is 95GBP.
	>The Haynes manuals are quite comprehensive and a lot of places
sell them for 
	>around the 10GBP mark.

I don't want to say that Haynes manuals are bad, they have helped me
many times, but... the choice of contents in my Haynes for 84-88 5K
(5K, not 100, the book is written for US) seems weird. There's lot of
info on 4 cylinder engines and carburators, though they were never used
in US spec cars. But when it comes to AC, it only shows how to remove
the compressor. There's detailed description of turbo ignition system,
how to check all the sensors etc. But funny thing, the book doesn't even
mention the possibility of pulling the codes using the fuel pump relay!

Aleksander Mierzwa
87 Audi 5000CS turbo (mine)
88 Renault Medallion wagon (mom's)
91 mountain bike (just in case both cars broke at the same time :-)