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S2 badging and reading error codes

I'm in the process of converting a coupe quattro into an S2...Does anybody
know how/where I can get the proper badging for the project?  Also,
literature and photos on the S2 are rare and would be appreciated for

Regarding reading error codes...the recent post listing the diagnostic
codes was helpful, but how do you activate the system?  Is it like older
BMW's where your turn the ignition on without starting the engine and then
press the accellerator to the floor 4 times in under 4 seconds?

Any help is appreciated...

Jon Baesman
'90 Coupe Quattro
'92 BMW 325i

ps- Does anyone race the Coupe Quattros in SCCA events?  If so, are they
successful and what class do they fall into?  If not, why?!?!