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RE: I'm back from Ojibwe Forests PRO Rally

Hi Brett!

Welcome back!  So how did you do in the rally?  I've only received the
national results on the rally list, so I have no idea how the divisional

BTW I'd be *very* interested in the photos you took!


-mark nelson
'90 s2 (building for scca pro rally)
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Just got back from the big rally in Bemidji, MN.  Saw the Sprongl's
killer S2.  Unfortunately not in action :(   but that was because I was
rallying myself :)    

They were a little dissappointed in the transmission they put in the
car.  Seems it was geared a little to tall for the stages- the roads
were fairly twisty on most stages with no real high speed sections.  I
didn't ask them alot about the car, but I did see that it is indeed a
10V turbo.  I think the 10V allows for more torque.  I took a bunch of
pictures and will post when I get them on my web page.

They finished fourth behind the killer Hyundai's and the Mitsubishi
Lancer Evo II.  The Escort Cossworth was a DNF with a Engine Management
Computer failure.

Hope to see some more Audi representation at the Lake Superior Pro Rally
in Houghton, MI, October 17-19!  I will be there with a VW one way or
the other!

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