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Re: Severe A4 shortage?

No shortages of A4s in the metro Philadelphia area, either.  Two people
at the largish company where I work have recently bought pearlescent
white A4 quattros: The woman who traded up her Saab story for a 12V V6
automatic didn't have to wait.  The guy who traded up his Passat wagon
for a 30V V6 Tiptronic didn't have to wait.  You may (emphasis on may)
have a salesperson problem, as opposed to a back-order problem.  And
some of us already are hearing anecdotal evidence of some Audi
salespeople reverting to double-knit, leisure-suit form now that the
marque is back in the gravy and they don't have to grovel for sales. 
Any salesperson worth a spit should be able to give you a fairly
complete picture of the A4 situation at the dealership and others in the
region, what's in the pipeline, what's on the factory lot and what's
gonna be built when.  Accept nothing less.