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Re: Syncro sub list

René C. Duvekot wrote:

> Hi there
> I put all your e-mails in my MS Internet Mail Address Book, and
> created a
> "Syncro" group.
> This is a test to see if you all get it.
> It is so difficult to find people who even know what a Quantum Syncro
> is
> (let alone care about one), that I certainly hope we are able to
> communicate among us about these wonderful cars.  Dreux was kind
> enough to
> put a picture of mine in his site, and I hope that we can build a
> "collection" there.
> Please let me know if you receive this message OK.
> Thanks and regards,
> Rene

  Git it!  And Everyone is welcome to send Syncro pics to me via e-mail
or snail mail(e-mail me for my address).  I have aquired some more
webspace, but even if I lose it, I will delete parts of my site in order
to keep the Syncro section alive!
                Later, Dreux


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