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Re: gorgeous 87.5 Coupe GT

audidudi@delphi.com (Jeffrey J. Goggin) wrote:

>>part:  15x8 inch Ronals.  They look exactly like an urq's but are for the
>>coupe.  Italked with the owner for about a minute or so, and they bought
>>them aftermarket and now they are obviously discontinued...too bad, they
>>look so awesome.  And they fit perfectly too, no need to roll the fenders
>>or anything.

>Are you sure they were 8x15 and not 7x15?  My Ronal info says the R8 wasn't
>available in the 8x15 size for the 4-lug wheel, only the 5-lug.  Having
>installed a set of 7x15 R8s on my 4000, I'm reasonably confident there is NO
>way an 8x15 will fit without flaring fenders, even with only a 195/50-15

Hmmm... I have pictures of a 1984 90 quattro (4000 to you folks) with 8x15
Ronals for you to see. Fitted fine, even with 205-section tyres! I drove
that car, and believe me, the tyres didn't hit anything on the body, even
cornering extremely hard with a very fat (and scared!) car salesman next to



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