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Re: Blower Fan

Al Powell writes about installing a NEW AC blower.

Last winter my blower quit.  Actually it would start running when I gave a
push through the little inspection cover.  After disassembling (what I
always do if I think I need to buy a new part anyway), I found out the
problem was that the carbon brushes had worn away (this on my 86 5ks with
200,000?? miles).  I picked up a couple of similar brushes that were a
little too long from my local hardware store, cut them down to size, and
soldered them back in. I also lubed the bearings. The blower's been working
fine since and only cost me $4.00 for the brushes and $3.75 for the silicon
sealer (steak knife technique).

Shea Rutstein

>Date: Sun, 24 Aug 1997 22:02:36 CDT
>From: "Al Powell" <APOWELL@agcom.tamu.edu>
>Subject: Blower Fan
>Well, thanks to the long-archived-in-anticipation-of-the-event posts 
>from Eric Fletcher and Frank Bauer, my 1990 200 has a new fan/blower 
>motor, installed today.  With temps at 100+ in Texas this week, it's 
>no darn time to be without forced air AC!!
>No, I didn't use a Steak Knife; yes, I used the Mondo Pry Bar method.
>And yes, I sacrificed most of my fingers - only the thumbs and one 
>finger escaped without slices or scratches.