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Re: 85 4000Q 2 Qquestions

>>> 1. How do you reset the OXS light on an '85 4000Q?
>>To reset the oxs light on all AUDI 4k's; remove instrument panel top,by
>>removing four screws around bezel.
>Not necessary.  (What a PITA!)  There is a black box in the engine bay, and 
>you just push a button on it.  The button is "protected" by a surround, so 
>you use a screwdriver or something to reach into the hole it is in.  I 
>can't remember exactly where the box is, because it's been a while, but I 
>can try to remember to check if you like.  This button probably pushes the 
>same thing being described above.  At least this is so on my 84.
>Jack Rich
it changed in 85, you are forced to now take apart the dash to do 

Michael Sheridan Williams
1985 Coupe GT
163,000+ miles