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Stainless exhaust update, 4000Q

I GOT IT!@!!!!!!@!!!!!! :-)

I got the rear section of my 4000CSQ exhaust in the mail for Sebro this
afternoon.  So far, it looks excellent!  Beautifully understated tips, good
solid construction, well packed for shipping, it came with the flange and
bolts (a little plus, but it was a relief for me, 1 less thing!)  as well as
a built in gasket.  Kudos to Dan at Stebro for what looks like an excellent
exhaust system.  Next project.  Installation, as it is not destined to become
a coffee table at 351$!   Overall first impression....excellent.  Oh, and
anyone wanting a Stebro sticker, Dan kindly included about 50 of them with
the package!  10$ a piece.  (just joking, everyone.....)  Installation
tomorrow, update tomorrow night!

Carter Johnson