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Intro 2/2 (buying)

In part two of my intro, I would like to ask the list for opinions on
purchasing a GT Coupe.

The car is a 1986 Audi GT Coupe, Commemerative Edition.  So far as I can
tell, this only means it comes in white with red leather interior, and a
weird electronic dashboard.

The car is immaculate body-wise.  Beautiful.  Bage Turbo gas in the rear,
Koni's (I think) up front.  Some beautiful 15" Borbet alloys shod in new
Dunlops.  Looks great.

Interior is excellent as well.  The leather is in great shape.  Custom
stereo with excellent Sony in-dash CD player and nice speakers.  The car
has a few problems, though.  First, it has 136k miles, which is a little
high.  Second, the shifter may need some lube, because it is a little
stiff between throws.  The cruise is non-functional.  Driver side seat
does not fold forward because of broken cable.  Brakes feel a touch weak
-- not fading or pedal dropping to the floor -- just spongy and without
the amount of stoption that I like.  

Finally, the most serious thing is that the passenger-side front wheel
bearing is gone.  The car is making some SERIOUS noises from that side.
Doesn't sound like CV, and a pro mechanic that I know personally
(trustworthy), has assured the current owner that it is only in need of a
wheel bearing job, $200 all told.

He is asking $3500 for the whole thing, possibly minus wheels (he has the
original set), negotiable.  He seems to be a great guy, we chatted for two
hours about miscellaneous car stuff.

So, q-list fans, let's here some feedback!


              <PGP> finger mchang@mail.clsp.jhu.edu