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Re: 5KCSTQ:interior temp sensor fan

On Tue, 26 Aug 1997, rpp wrote:

> replace the interior temp sensor suction fan.  I have removed lots of
> interior trim to still not have access to this bugger.  Any suggestions so
> that I don't break any unobtainium plastic parts?  I know graydon had a
> retrofit for a GM fan, anyone tried this?

	I haven't actually installed one in the 5KCSTQ, but I tested the
5KCSTQ's Bosch aspirator, and it flowed about 0.3 cfm.  The aspirator that
I have been working on for the '98 Seville flows almost 1 cfm, whihc gives
a much better representation of the interior temperature.  In the process
of developing this aspirator, I have built quite a few from scratch, using
fans of various sources, and standard thermistors. 

	In short, probably the easiest is to replace the aspirator with 
the original, but if you want something better and quieter, you could use 
an aspirator from any new Chrysler (with automatic HVAC that is) or 
Acura.   These all use the Nippon Denso aspirator which is very good.   
You'll have to fabricate a small housing to adapt it to the underside of 
the Audi dash, and you'll haev to insert the standard Audi thermistor, 
but this is fairly easy fabricating.   You'll flow about .6 - .8 cfm, and 
it will be very quiet.   That should reduce the temperature fluctuation 
inside the car.  There are some even quieter options out there, but they 
are harder to find, and may require some more intricate fabrication.

Email me privately for more details.

Graydon D. Stuckey 
Cadillac Noise & Vibration Development Engineer
HVAC department
(Honest, that's what my card says! :-)