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Re: distributer clacking

Arun Rao wrote:
> C1J1Miller@aol.com wrote:
> >
> > You wrote:
> >
> > <<<A very knowledgeable Mark Hagen at Andersen-Behl Audi says that the
> > rattling distributer noise in my '91 200 20vtq is caused by a loose
> > timing belt.
> [..] would be that the
> > chain that connects the two overhead cams may stretch, causing a rattling
> > sound. ....
>         Hmm ... I have what I could call a rattle, but only for a very
>         narrow rpm range (somewhere between 2K and 3K, I'd guess). Doesn't
>         sound too serious (not a death-rattle, hopefully:-)) -- almost as if
>         some loose part was resonating. I tried briefly to locate it, but
>         without success.
>         Is this the rattle in question?
>         -Arun

In my case I found it by holding one end of a paper towel tube to my ear
and searching around the engine bay with the open end. Very easy to tell
that it is the distributer making the noise. It is most noticeable when
cold and idling.
'91 200 20vtq