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Re: headlights on 93 90q

That's kind of weird.  What order do you do this?  Is it 1)parking brake
then 2)attempt to turn off headlights?  And then the headlights won't
turn off?  If so try the opposite order.  There's a rather large (I'm
pretty sure it is, anyway) relay that controls most of the lights--you
might check it out.



>anyone help me please, my headlights do NOT turn off when i put the hand
>brake on, is this normal or do I have something fishy going on here. The
>trouble is, is that I can't go to any drive in theater movies  ( which
>is the only theater were I live) because everyone would get quite
>annoyed. Please help I have experimented with a few things but I am at a
>Paul Dansereau
>93 90sq