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REWIND: Re: Student co-op at Audi or Bosch? (no Audi content)

Elliot Potter wrote:

>>Just to note that just before you tell Phil to stop inferring broad
>>generalizations about people (which BTW I don't think he did), you make
>>some yourself:
>>- -The fact that there's not so many reasons to want to get the h*ll out
>>(I think there are, in fact...)
>>- -That 95% of Europeans think anything?  Besides; aren't most Americans
>>narrow minded?  That's what I've noticed.
>>FWIW, I have a current passport and it gets lots of use.
Sorry Elliot, one of the problems with a list like this is that it's easy
to be misinterpreted when letters have no facial expressions, or vocal
tone....a risk that is especially high when you have a dry sense of humor
like myself.  I only made that broad generalization myself...in jest, and I
thought it would be obvious.....hopefully the same way you have done by
saying that "most Americans" are narrow minded....and I only meant to tease
Phil a little bit.

FWIW, I have never owned a passport, I promised myself I would visit all 50
States first (3 left) and I am constantly amazed by the number of Americans
I've met who have travelled Europe extensively, yet have barely seen their
own backyard.  I'm not saying that you're one of them, but I did not grow
up priviledged or well travelled and have taken these adventures upon
myself in two week increments called vacations (I'm 34).  I can't wait to
see Europe, but for now it is one of the inspirations that will take me to
Arizona,California, and Alaska.  Hey, I love my country, passionately,
faults and all....with NO apologies....'cept for the bandwidth.