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Re:UrQ Rad

"Their economists must have
predicted a world-wide fuse shortage."

Ha! Agreed.

"Thanks for the valuable info. One question, doesn't the lower
temp thermostat combined w/ a lower temp thermo switch
make a difference... "

The thermo switch yes, I am amazed at how well my fan reduces temps, almost
15%C according to my gauge.  As far as thermostats,I believe even the 80%C
model, (the lowest I've seen) doesn't fully open until 87%C according to
Bentley.  An old trick is to drill a few 1/8 holes around the collar of the
thermostat to allow some added circulation before full open.   My UrQ has
only a one speed fan and only one switch as it has no A/C.  If your fan comes
on sooner the car may run cooler.  Do you still have the rubber skirt that
connects to the bottom of the rad Shroud?  This will keep the fan more

Have fun,

Also a less than 50% coolant mix in the summer will help deflect more heat as
water alone is a better conductor than water/coolant.  If you go this route
add an anti corrosion agent to the mix.