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Instrument Cluster

Dear Quatto List,

Likely a very simple question, but I don't know the answer...
In my 1990 CQ, I have (obviously) several knobs poking
through the lense on the instrument cluster for the clock,
illumination and trip odometer.

One of the knobs (lower right side of cluster when viewed
from driver's seat) stands just barely proud of the clear lens
surface, turns, and is (I think) hooked up to some device
on the back of the cluster.  This device has a small ribbon
cable running toward the top-rear of the cluster.

My question is simple, what is this knob?  Did I hurt anything
when I turned it for awhile a month or two ago, looking for
some affect?

I'm clueless on this one, so I'd appreciate any available


Jim Fraser
1990 CQ
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