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RE: Syncro Owners Log..

Hey, Dreux, I applaud your posting Synchro stuff here, given that your
Synchro is *really* a 4kq avant with the incognito option, but could you
*please* trim your .sig? It is significantly longer than the content of
your post, and adds little to no value on this list, not to mention that
some of our You're-a-pee'in brethren pay to download postings by the
-Ian Duff.
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	Subject:	Syncro Owners Log..

	All you Syncro Owners have to go to my syncro page and sign the
	log that I put on there.  This will help us know who is who on
	mailing list and know other owners who might not want to be
	with the list!
	                Later all, Dreux


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