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Re: Boge/Eibach for 5kTQ

Try the new corporate arm of JAMEX, JAMEX U.S. in Nevada
1888 40 JAMEX
The spring sets are _VERY_ affordable (try 99 bucks a set!) Jamex
(pronounced YA-MEX) has been around for quite awhile (over 30 years
experience), and just made an entry into the US market. From the
Euro-mags that I have read, JAMEX is a pretty reputable company.

BTW- someone had asked before about the U-SET-IT coilover kit that TAP
sells which is made by JAMEX. TAP told me that the cost "about $200 a
corner"... I called JAMEX yesterday, and they are selling the kits for
$250 for ALL FOUR! For a JAMEX front stress bar, TAP wanted somewhere
around $229, JAMEX's price for that is about $90!
Needless to say, someone overcharges _abit_.

I have no interest in how Jamex does, etc etc, all disclaimers apply...

* Ramana Lagemann		          	
* Cohasset, MA			 
* mailto:elmool@tiac.net
* 1990 Coupe Q