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Re: Getting a Full Tank in a 90Q

>in the owners manual it states main=15, 
>rusurve=3.5 (totals about 18.5)
>Hopefully none of us Q owners ever
>can but more then 14+ gallons in our

>I think the gas gauge shows only the
>main tank (good plan on Audi/VW part,
>I think?)

from 1993 90q owner's manual:

"The fuel tank of the Audi 90 quattro holds approx. 17.0 gal./64 liters. 
Reserve is 2.1 gal./8 liters of total capacity." p. 102
"When the needle reaches the red area, there is a reserve of 2.1 U.S. 
gal./8 liters of fuel left in the tank" p. 58

This gives me the impression that "reserve" fuel capacity is included 
within the total capacity, as opposed to being in addition to the total 
capacity. So, when I'm limping into the gas station on fumes, almost 
stalling, I should expect to pump about 17.0 gal., not 19.1 gal.

I also get the impression that when the needle is at the bottom of the 
red, there isn't supposed to be any fuel left (the "reserve" fuel has 
already been burned).

>I think it's 16.5 with the Ski-sack cut-out..got one? 

Yup, but I don't see any documentation on smaller fuel capacity because 
of it. Maybe this is a B3/B4 difference?

'93 90q
Laurel, MD