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Re: Intro 2/2 (buying)

-- [ From: Huw Powell * EMC.Ver #3.1a ] --

>The cruise is non-functional.

That should be easy to fix.

>Driver side seat does not fold forward because of broken cable.

That should be hard to fix - but possible I imagine.  You may have to undo
the seat's backside upholstery to get to the bushings and feed throughs.

>stoption that I like.  

I like that word

>Finally, the most serious thing is that the passenger-side front wheel
bearing is gone.

Huh?  Wheels bearings are routine work, 3 years ago I paid $45 for the
bearing and $57 for labor to have one replaced in my 82 coupe.

>He is asking $3500 for the whole thing, possibly minus wheels (he has the
original set), negotiable.  He seems to be a great guy, we chatted for two
hours about miscellaneous car stuff.

Why is he selling?  Car doesn't sound like a bad deal but you should get
those brakes competently and thoroughly diagnosed...  might require a big
discount from that $3500.

Huw Powell
HUMAN Speakers