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New Audi Quattro Book

 -=> Mike Hopton illuminates us with <=-

 MH> sorry  I mean the ur-q. Apparently it's about 200 pages including


 MH> won't be available until the  middle of November (just in time for
 MH> Christmas:) and will cost ~$40  US. It was in the new EWA
 MH> catalogue. 

     I think you're referring to "The Audi Quattro Book" by Dave Pollard.
     It's in this months Classic Motorbooks catalog. 176 pages $39.95

     The other new book being offered looks like a much more
     interesting book for those who are interested in a more
     general scope of Audi's.  "The Audi File" by Eric Dymock
     is offered for $41.95 and covers every Audi "from the first
     in 1910 to the A4 of 1995"  416 pages, $41.95

     Note: Both of these books can be bought cheaper at places
     like Barns and Noble online (I think "The Audi File" is
     $11 or so bucks cheaper.)


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